5th June 1999

I would like to begin this month with an apology. Regular visitors to the "Female Celebrities Navels" messageboard will have noticed a certain amount of controversy over the last few weeks. As noted in my statement last weekend an individual (or individuals) has been posting dozens of erroneous messages (many of them vulgar or offensive) to the board. This person apparently took exception to the fact that the board is moderated. Of course, it is entirely due to people like this that the board needs to be moderated and while the messages continue I will continue to moderate the board.

Anyway, enough of this unpleasantness. We're here to enjoy navels right?

Britney Spears, fresh from her knockout pictorial in Rolling Stone, has bared her belly button again, this time in Britain's very own FHM Magazine. Thank you FHM... these pictures are so hot it hurts!! Also from that issue are gorgeous images of TV presenter Melanie Sykes and model Jordan (formerly Katie Price). Finally, and at the request of one this site's visitors, I have posted a stunning photo of TV/Radio presenter Zoe Ball.

This month's spotlight focuses on Kate Winslet who was recently critised by the press for putting on weight around the waist. Personally I adore the way these few extra pounds have soffened her belly. Her big, deep, navel is more irresistable than ever! Check the spotlight next month for... Alyssa Milano.


1st May 1999: It's Britney Spears!

Welcome to the second edition of NavelGazer. A big "Thank You" to all those who took the time to write to me about the site. This month's spotlight will blow you away. Yep, it's the girl you've all been waiting for... pop sensation Britney Spears! Click here to see the biggest collection of belly-baring Britney pictures on the net (including her sensational "Rolling Stone" cover)!

If the sight of Britney's exposed navel isn't enough to keep you awake at night then take another look at the gallery. I've added new pictures of Alison Eastwood (daughter of you-know-who!), Charlize Theron, Claire Goose (sexy star of the BBC series "Casualty"), supermodel Daniela Pestova, supergirl Helen Slater and sizzling Shannon Doherty.

Next month's spotlight will focus on Kate Winslet and there will be lots more images in the gallery so please drop by again soon.


24th March 1999: What's New?

Welcome to the new-look NavelGazer. I had some very positive feedback in response to my original site so I hope that the new look doesn't disappoint. Here's a quick guide to the new features I have included:

Click here for the latest news, gossip, navel sightings and site updates. If you glimpse a celebrity navel in your local magazines or TV shows please
e-mail me and I'll post the news!

Navel Spotlight
The navel spolight will focus on a different celebrity every month and will feature as many images of their exposed belly button as I can find. This month's celebrity in the spotlight is Gillian Anderson. Is there someone you'd especially like to see here? Then
e-mail me!

Navel Archive
The navel archive is where you'll find high-quality images of your favourite belly-baring celebrities. There is just one page at present but I will be adding more very soon. Do you have a favourite star? Please
e-mail me and I'll do my best to post a picture.

Want to know where you can find more pictures of your favourite belly button? Click here for links to other sites and messageboards.

If you have any comments or suggestions please drop me an e-mail. In the meantime, have fun and enjoy the navels.